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ACT Medical Japan provides new and refurbished medical equipment to the global community. We locate medical products from the finest hospitals and clinics around the world. We sustain a strong and integral relationship with hospitals, medical suppliers, and OEMs. This means that we have consistent access to high-quality medical products at a fraction of the cost of new products.

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to you — the end user. This means you get a worry-free, hassle-free experience. So see what it's like to work with a company with a reputation for quality, excellence and outstanding service. You'll be glad you did. Because when you sleep, we sleep. It's the way it should be.

ACT Medical Japan is a young marketing and distribution company working in the field of Diagnostics and imaging in Pakistan since 2006. We have established a company at Singapore in 2010 to represent international groups in the Diagnostic segment and also promote surgical disposables, hospital equipments and medical imaging instruments in the related markets through our alliances.

ACT Medical Private Limited Is incorporated with securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan and is also incorporated in Singapore with ACRA.Our Head office is located at Islamabad and sub-distributors in all major cities.

We cater for the needs of many leading customers in the public and private markets and have direct relationship with many key opinion leaders.

ACT Medical Japan provides solutions and services through provision of equipments, Tab Consumables and maintenance services for the Bio-engineering needs.

We are currently promoting the following products lines:

·        Cardiology

·        Gyne/Obs

·        Medical imaging

·        Hospital disposables and equipments

·        Diagnostics

·        Pharmaceuticals

Our Mission:

        To establish an international trade and distribution network offering total Act medical solution for the industry by concentrating on quality and total satisfaction of our valued customers. As part of our short term strategy Act medical Japan focuses on the Pakistan market but we plan to expand in to the regional and international markets in the long term.

Marketing Philosophy:

       Identifying customer needs and provide a comprehensive with excellence   in services and innovation in technology

Our Strengths Include:

·        Good relationship with leading customers

·        Wide coverage through our network and team

·        Professional and intellectually capable Management

·        Alliances with world leading principals and local companies

·        Fully equipped warehouse with dedicated facilities for storage

·        Experience to handle major projects/tenders with quality products

·        Strong knowledge base with more than 14 year of industry  experience and trained team

Our Scope of Work Includes:

·       Routing and special consumables/reagents supplies

·       Hospital and diagnostic equipment/consumable supplies

·       Import and direct promotion of imaging, Diagnostics and life sciences products and disposables

·       Joint venture activities with international group in the Act medical industry to promote branded and neutral packing/OEM products

Professional Management:

                Directors are holders of medical degrees and professional master Degrees in Management Sciences.


               A mix of 40 professionals to provide solution to our valued customers

Professional Services:

              Equipped with a dedicated team of fully trained professionals in sales,bio-medical engineering and variety of diagnostic applications.

Market Presence:

             Installed and commissioned over 300 instruments already working in different clinical laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Spare Part Inventory for Timely Service Response:

           Maintain a reasonable inventory level of need based product and spare parts for instruments to guarantee a timely response.

Value Chain Strength:

Represent many international supplies without compromise in quality from:-

·        Japan

·        Indonesia

·        USA

·        Latvia

·        Czech Republic

·        Finland

·        Spain

·        Singapore

·        China

We aim for global recognition as an established symbol of quality and services, and to be a leading company.