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Act Medical Japan provides solutions and services through provision of equipments, Tab Consumables and maintenance services for the Bio-engineering needs.

We are currently promoting the following products lines:

·        Cardiology

·        Gyne/Obs

·        Medical imaging

·        Hospital disposables and equipments

·        Diagnostics

·        Pharmaceuticals

Our Mission:

        To establish an international trade and distribution network offering total Act medical solution for the industry by concentrating on quality and total satisfaction of our valued customers. As part of our short term strategy Act medical Japan focuses on the Pakistan market but we plan to expand in to the regional and international markets in the long term.

Marketing Philosophy:

       Identifying customer needs and provide a comprehensive with excellence   in services and innovation in technology.

Our Scope of Work Includes:

·       Routing and special consumables/reagents supplies

·       Hospital and diagnostic equipment/consumable supplies

·       Import and direct promotion of imaging, Diagnostics and life sciences products and disposables

·       Joint venture activities with international group in the Act medical industry to promote branded and neutral packing/OEM products

Over the year we have provided solutions to almost all major customers in Pakistan in the public and private sector. We positively assert to have met expectations of our suppliers though dedication and continued commitment. We are continuously exploring opportunities to source products from world leading companies in Biological, Blood Banking, Diagnostics and Disposable segments.

Strategic Divisions:

As part of our future strategic vision we have split activities in four divisions:

 Medical Imaging & Hospital Equipment Division:

Marketing and distribution of medical imaging instruments like Ultrasound, ECG and X-ray machines and hospital furniture/equipments

 Invitro Diagnostic Division:

Marketing and distribution catering for the reagent and instrument needs of sub-specialty segments of lab pathology like molecular Diagnostics Microbiology, Chemical pathology, General laboratory equipments and special consumables.

 Pharma Division:

Marketing and promotion of products in burn, Wound and scar management segment and exclusive distribution of pharma products in the north of Pakistan representing local manufacturers.

 Consultancy Services:

            Develop turnkey solutions in the Act medical industry

o   For selection and deployment of appropriate human resource/lab/area for implementation and interpretation of comprehensive market assessment surveys

o   To conduct marketing feasibilities and determine direction for future needs and demands of identified/target markets

o   To identify products/ services and expertise that can be promoted in specific segment of pharma & Diagnostics markets

o   To liaise with local intermediaries, regulatory authorities and organization for selection , approval and services for clinical trials

o   To conduct clinical trials in specified disease areas and on specific products

o   To develop business, implement strategies and explore local and regional opportunities and partners for future collaborations